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味香园甜品 Traditional Dessert (Chinatown)

July 15, 2009



Ratings :


Location :

65-67 Temple Street
Tel: 6221-1156


Description :

味香园甜品 is very popular in Chinatown. I bet most Singaporeans have heard about it or tried before. Their desserts are really fantastic with consistent standards. The must-trys in this shop includes the 杨枝甘露 (mango sago with pomelo), 花生糊 (peanut paste), sesame paste, almond paste, steam yam cake, etc. My personal favourite is the mango sago with pomelo as the syrup is specially grinded using real mango rather than syrup off the shelf. However, I find that the dessert is not chilled adequately. Perhaps they can chill the syrup before serving or add more ice. The peanut paste is my second choice. Its adequately thick and creamy. The paste is so smooth that it can glide down the throat. Desserts in this shop is definitely comparable to Hong Kong’s 许留山.


Astons Specialties

July 14, 2009



Ratings :



Location :

119 East Coast Road
(Opposite Katong Mall)
Tel: 6247 7857
1130-2300hrs(Opens Daily)


Other Outlets :

ASTONS PRIME *New Location
176 Orchard Road
Centrepoint #03-45/46/47
Tel: 6235 0556
1130-2200hrs (Opens Daily)ASTONS SPECIALITIES
3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-043/044
Suntec City Mall
Tel : 6884 8816
1130-2200hrs (Opens Daily)604 Sembawang Road #03-14
Sembawang Shopping Centre
Tel : 6753 6302
1130-2200hrs (Opens Daily)

SIA Sports Club
726 Upper Changi Road East
(opposite SIA Training Center)
1130-2200hrs (Opens Daily)

2 Handy Road #04-03
The Cathay Building
Tel : 6887 5889
1130-2200hrs (Sun-Thurs)
1130-2300hrs (Fri,Sat & Eve of PH)

119 East Coast Road
(Opposite Katong Mall)
Tel: 6247 7857
1130-2300hrs(Opens Daily)

10 Eunos Road 8, Singapore Post Centre
#B2-08 Stall 14 (KOPITIAM Foodcourt)
Tel : 6744 8220
1100-2200hrsGHIM MOH
Ghim Moh Road Blk 19 #01-263 Stall 3/4
(Wang Wei Li Coffeeshop)
Tel : 6466 2325
312 Balestier Road #01-01 Stall 4
Tel : 6254 2643

Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 Blk 721 #01-2823 Stall 3/4
(Wang Wei Li Coffeeshop)
Tel : 6455 5626

Tampines St 81 Blk 829 #01-296 Stall 7
(Jurong Cafe @ Tampines)
Tel : 6789 5077

Tampines St 11 Blk 139 #01-08 Stall 10/11
(Kopitiam Coffeeshop)
Tel : 6782 2030

10E Sixth Avenue #01-01/02 Stall 1
(CHI Coffeeshop)
Tel : 6763 1996

Jurong East St 13 Blk 134 #01-309 Stall 7
(Jurong Cafe)
Tel : 6569 1882

Bedok North St 1 Blk 205 #01-357 Stall 7
(Kopitiam Coffeeshop)
Tel: 6443 8058

[Operates under License of ASTONS F&B]
56 Serangoon Garden Way
(New Huat Hin CoffeeShop)
Tel: 6285 8839
1100-2200hrs(Close on alternate Thursday)

Description :

Astons have many outlets around Singapore, however, the most outstanding outlet is the katong branch opposite katong shopping centre. Its almost impossible to miss the restaurant while driving along East Coast Road (Katong) as the queue is extremely long especially on weekends and dinner time (6:30pm – 8:30pm), and when you look above the queue, you can notice a huge Aston Signage. Aston is one of my favourite dinner place as the quality and quantity of steak they provide is fairly generous. I will usually order the Astons Prime Ribeye Extra Cut (Medium Rare) as its simply fantastic! Flavouring/marination is good and the doneness is usually precise from what I’ve ordered. What appeals me is the 2 sides they provided which you can choose from the menu. They have choices like, corn, baked beans, tasty rice, mashed potato, baked potato, mixed vegetables, different types of salads, etc. My pick usually revolves around tasty rice and baked potato! Yummy! Not a steak lover? Not to worry at all as they serve really good chicken chops and pasta. I would stongly recommend the Chicken chop and Sausage Combo for non-steak lovers. Their chicken chops are also exeptionally tasty and you can choose how you wish your chicken chop to be done, e.g. black pepper, chargrilled, etc. Lastly, for the kind of quality they provide, “value-for-money” is a point worth mentioning. Spending not more than $25, you can enjoy a filling and satisfying meal. How wonderful! Prepare yourself to join the queue if you’ve decided to try out the Astons Specialties in Katong!

The Coffee Nations

July 13, 2009


Ratings :



Location :

17 Bali Lane


Description :

The Coffee Nations have been around for a couple of years only and perhaps due to its location and size of the cafe, it might not be as popular.  The cafe has a theme of “The Third Place” concept, combining coffee and travel as the central ideas to bring out the concept. I agree that its a pretty cozy place for friends gathering with little details like luggage as storage place for books, decorations, photos, etc. They also have a small variety of games for patrons to engage in. Nonetheless, like what I’ve mentioned, the size of the cafe is rather small. Hence, the place is cramped and tables are insufficient.

On the other hand, whats worth mentioning is the vast variety of coffee they carry. They brought in coffee from all sorts of regions, namely Africa, Asia Pacific, Caribbean, Central America and South America. If you a risk taker and likes to try out something different, you may like to try out their African coffee, which is full bodied with pronounced distinctive acidities. The rest of the regions’ coffee ranges from mellow to full bodied. If you are one who is risk-averse, get a coffee from the Asia Pacific region, which caters more for Singaporeans. Try out Vietnam coffees! Vietnam is well-known for its aromatic coffee beans. You may take a look at the photo below :


They also serve other drinks like smoothies and teas, and a small variety of food and snacks. Can’t really make a precise comment on their food variety as I haven’t tried any of them. I was there purely for their coffee. Ill edit this post once I try their food.

Operating Hours :

11am ~ 11pm (Sunday to Thurs, and Public Holiday)
11am ~ 1am (Friday, Saturday, and Eve of Public Holiday)

Tamaya Dining

July 13, 2009






Ratings :




Location :


Description :

Walking along the cuppage terrace, at the border of Singapore’s busiest shopping district, you can find different types of cuisines, like middle east cuisine, japanese cuisine, western cuisine, indian cuisine, etc. This Tamaya Dining Restaurant is located near the end of the street. You can either settle outdoor for a can of Asahi or Sapporo or have a satisfying meal indoor. Its a double-storeyed restaurant. I’ll definitely recommend the second level as the ambience is really traditional with tatami seats. Worry not! Your legs will definitely not suffer as there’s room to place your legs under the table. Thus, you need not sit like a geisha!

Variety of food isn’t alot and I will not say that it’s 100% traditional. Japanese food these days has diversified their cuisines into more westernized approach. Tamaya Dining serves pasta, hot plate ham-like steak (pork), wedges, etc. besides the traditional japanese dishes. On the whole, the flavour of the food is average. Whats recommendable is the Ebi Tempura and Saba Shio. The Ebi Tempura was served hot and crunchy. The prawns are fresh and well-marinated and when dipped in the shoya, the taste is brilliant! The Saba Shio is very well grilled with a crispy layer of skin and juicy meat. Presentation is simple yet tastefully done. An advantage of this restaurant is it closes slightly later than other Japanese restaurants in town.

Website :

91 Fried Char Kway Teow (Goldenmile)

July 9, 2009



Ratings :


Location :

Golden Mile Food Centre, Upper level stall 91


Description :

Health consciousness is a trend in Singapore during recent years. Besides McDonalds, hawkers are turning to such direction also. Can you imagine having a plate of fried kway teow noodles without pork and lard? This stall in Golden Mile Food Centre did it. It may not be as tasty as one with pork and lard, but I’ve got to admit it still tastes pretty yummy. And the idea of being health conscious attracted huge crowds to this stall. Having green leafy vegetables (cai xin) topped on the fried kway teow noodles enhance the appeal. What’s more, the deep fried mini ikan bilis add crisp to the noodle making it even tastier. Some patrons may find this fried kway teow noodles a little salty due to the ikan bilis. Also, I believe they need to add more salt or dark sauce to substitute lard.

Idiot Proof Recipe : Beef Steak in Mushroom Sauce

July 9, 2009



Ingredients :

1 piece Ribeye Steak
1 tbsp Olive Oil (Refer to photo below)

Marination :
2 tsp Meat Tenderizer (Refer to photo below)
1 tsp Salt
2 tsp McCormick Black Pepper (Refer to photo below)

Mushroom Sauce :
2 White Button Mushroom (Sliced)
1/2 pkt Brown Sauce powder (Refer to photo below)
150ml boiling water
2 cloves Galic
1 clove Onion
1 tblsp red wine
Salt and black pepper to taste

Oliveoil Meattenderizer McCormickblkpepper Brown Sauce

Note :

You can purchase any brand for the meat tenderizer. It is to substitute flour by making the meat more tender. However, you have to be mindful that meat tenderizer is very salty. Thus, you do not have to add too much tenderizer and salt. As for the Brown sauce powder, you can purchase them from “Mmmm!” at Square 2 level 4 @ Novena.

 Procedure :

1. Marinate the ribeye steak with meat tenderizer, salt and black pepper. Leave it refrigerated for 2 – 4 hours.


2. Add oil on to frying pan or grill pan. Place the steak in the pan and cook it till preferred doneness. If you prefer a well done steak, lower the heat and cook it for at least 5 mins. If you prefer a medium steak, set your fire to medium and cook for approximately 3 mins. Too high heat will cook the steak too quickly on the surface leaving the meat inside uncooked.

3. Place the steak on a big plate.

4. Add brown sauce powder in a bowl of boiling water (150ml). Stir well.

5. On the same pan, add garlic and onion. You may add a drop of oil if necessary. Add the sliced mushroom and stir fry till mushroom soften. Add the bowl of brown sauce and red wine into the pan. Lower the heat and simmer sauce for 2 mins. Constantly stir the sauce to prevent it from getting burnt. Add salt and black pepper to taste.

6. Pour the mushroom sauce on top of the steak. Serve. You may compliment the steak with a glass of red wine.

Lai Lai Braised Beef Noodle

July 9, 2009





Ratings :





Location :

First Outlet :
No.20 Liang Seah St


Second Outlet :
1 Jurong West Central 
 Jurong Point
Jurong West


Description :

Liang Seah Street is a famous street for good food, especially steamboat. I first chance upon Lai Lai Family Restaurant few years back when I was walking along Liang Seah Street searching for new cafes / eateries. Lai Lai caught my attention with a huge poster written Taiwan delights with pictures of the beef noodle and other snacks. It is so appealing that anyone, including me, will enter the restaurant. As I was anticipating for the beef noodle to be placed in front of me, I can smell a savoury aroma of the beef noodle. The “default” noodle is a taiwanese noodle which is crossed inbetween udon and handmade thick noodles (Ban mian). The beef is so tender that you can melt it in your mouth. The finest element of this noodle is the flavoursome soup, with a soft touch of spiciness. Salted vegetables are included to enhance the flavour, making it a perfect bowl of noodles.

However, the standard of the noodle is inconsistent. The noodles can be too soggy at times. The soup can be slightly tasteless at times. Nonetheless, I’ll still patronize this restaurant when I’m around that area as there is a huge range of Taiwan snacks available. You may want to try their “Ru rou fan” (Braised pork belly rice) which is very popular among the Taiwanese – Though you can never compare the standard with the ones sold in Xi men ding.

Tel: 6837 1556

Operating Hours :

11:30am – 3am (Liang Seah Street)
10am – 10pm (Jurong Point)