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Idiot Proof Recipe : Mango Pudding (20 plastic cups)

March 29, 2010

Ingredients :

3 Big Mangoes (Ripe)
1 tbsp Mango Essence
1 tsp yellow colouring
50g Gelatine (Unflavoured Jelly Powder)
1 tsp Agar-agar Powder
150g Sugar (Preferably rock sugar)
2 cans Nestle Cream (Shake vigourously till cream thicken – approx. 15mins per can)
6 rice bowl Water



Procedure :

1. Peel and remove flesh from 2 mangoes. Add 1 rice bowl of water and grind it into juice. Keep refrigerated. Another 1 mango cut into cubes.

Mango juice

2. Mix gelatine, agar-agar powder, sugar, and 5 rice bowl of water into a big pot. Mix well. Then, put it to boil till everything melts and liquidify. Keep stirring.

Syrup Solution

3. Let the syrup solution cool. To make it cool faster, place pot into a huge pail of cold water. You may keep changing the pail of water.

4. Add the nestle cream into the syrup solution. Stir well. Then add the mango juice. Stir well also.

5. Put mango cubes into disposible plastic cups. Pour the mango solution into the individual cups and keep refrigerated.

6. Serve the following day. Life span = 1 week. May serve with coconut solution.

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