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味香园甜品 Traditional Dessert (Chinatown)

July 15, 2009



Ratings :


Location :

65-67 Temple Street
Tel: 6221-1156


Description :

味香园甜品 is very popular in Chinatown. I bet most Singaporeans have heard about it or tried before. Their desserts are really fantastic with consistent standards. The must-trys in this shop includes the 杨枝甘露 (mango sago with pomelo), 花生糊 (peanut paste), sesame paste, almond paste, steam yam cake, etc. My personal favourite is the mango sago with pomelo as the syrup is specially grinded using real mango rather than syrup off the shelf. However, I find that the dessert is not chilled adequately. Perhaps they can chill the syrup before serving or add more ice. The peanut paste is my second choice. Its adequately thick and creamy. The paste is so smooth that it can glide down the throat. Desserts in this shop is definitely comparable to Hong Kong’s 许留山.

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