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The Coffee Nations

July 13, 2009


Ratings :



Location :

17 Bali Lane


Description :

The Coffee Nations have been around for a couple of years only and perhaps due to its location and size of the cafe, it might not be as popular.  The cafe has a theme of “The Third Place” concept, combining coffee and travel as the central ideas to bring out the concept. I agree that its a pretty cozy place for friends gathering with little details like luggage as storage place for books, decorations, photos, etc. They also have a small variety of games for patrons to engage in. Nonetheless, like what I’ve mentioned, the size of the cafe is rather small. Hence, the place is cramped and tables are insufficient.

On the other hand, whats worth mentioning is the vast variety of coffee they carry. They brought in coffee from all sorts of regions, namely Africa, Asia Pacific, Caribbean, Central America and South America. If you a risk taker and likes to try out something different, you may like to try out their African coffee, which is full bodied with pronounced distinctive acidities. The rest of the regions’ coffee ranges from mellow to full bodied. If you are one who is risk-averse, get a coffee from the Asia Pacific region, which caters more for Singaporeans. Try out Vietnam coffees! Vietnam is well-known for its aromatic coffee beans. You may take a look at the photo below :


They also serve other drinks like smoothies and teas, and a small variety of food and snacks. Can’t really make a precise comment on their food variety as I haven’t tried any of them. I was there purely for their coffee. Ill edit this post once I try their food.

Operating Hours :

11am ~ 11pm (Sunday to Thurs, and Public Holiday)
11am ~ 1am (Friday, Saturday, and Eve of Public Holiday)

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