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Tamaya Dining

July 13, 2009






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Walking along the cuppage terrace, at the border of Singapore’s busiest shopping district, you can find different types of cuisines, like middle east cuisine, japanese cuisine, western cuisine, indian cuisine, etc. This Tamaya Dining Restaurant is located near the end of the street. You can either settle outdoor for a can of Asahi or Sapporo or have a satisfying meal indoor. Its a double-storeyed restaurant. I’ll definitely recommend the second level as the ambience is really traditional with tatami seats. Worry not! Your legs will definitely not suffer as there’s room to place your legs under the table. Thus, you need not sit like a geisha!

Variety of food isn’t alot and I will not say that it’s 100% traditional. Japanese food these days has diversified their cuisines into more westernized approach. Tamaya Dining serves pasta, hot plate ham-like steak (pork), wedges, etc. besides the traditional japanese dishes. On the whole, the flavour of the food is average. Whats recommendable is the Ebi Tempura and Saba Shio. The Ebi Tempura was served hot and crunchy. The prawns are fresh and well-marinated and when dipped in the shoya, the taste is brilliant! The Saba Shio is very well grilled with a crispy layer of skin and juicy meat. Presentation is simple yet tastefully done. An advantage of this restaurant is it closes slightly later than other Japanese restaurants in town.

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