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Lai Lai Braised Beef Noodle

July 9, 2009





Ratings :





Location :

First Outlet :
No.20 Liang Seah St


Second Outlet :
1 Jurong West Central 
 Jurong Point
Jurong West


Description :

Liang Seah Street is a famous street for good food, especially steamboat. I first chance upon Lai Lai Family Restaurant few years back when I was walking along Liang Seah Street searching for new cafes / eateries. Lai Lai caught my attention with a huge poster written Taiwan delights with pictures of the beef noodle and other snacks. It is so appealing that anyone, including me, will enter the restaurant. As I was anticipating for the beef noodle to be placed in front of me, I can smell a savoury aroma of the beef noodle. The “default” noodle is a taiwanese noodle which is crossed inbetween udon and handmade thick noodles (Ban mian). The beef is so tender that you can melt it in your mouth. The finest element of this noodle is the flavoursome soup, with a soft touch of spiciness. Salted vegetables are included to enhance the flavour, making it a perfect bowl of noodles.

However, the standard of the noodle is inconsistent. The noodles can be too soggy at times. The soup can be slightly tasteless at times. Nonetheless, I’ll still patronize this restaurant when I’m around that area as there is a huge range of Taiwan snacks available. You may want to try their “Ru rou fan” (Braised pork belly rice) which is very popular among the Taiwanese – Though you can never compare the standard with the ones sold in Xi men ding.

Tel: 6837 1556

Operating Hours :

11:30am – 3am (Liang Seah Street)
10am – 10pm (Jurong Point)

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