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91 Fried Char Kway Teow (Goldenmile)

July 9, 2009



Ratings :


Location :

Golden Mile Food Centre, Upper level stall 91


Description :

Health consciousness is a trend in Singapore during recent years. Besides McDonalds, hawkers are turning to such direction also. Can you imagine having a plate of fried kway teow noodles without pork and lard? This stall in Golden Mile Food Centre did it. It may not be as tasty as one with pork and lard, but I’ve got to admit it still tastes pretty yummy. And the idea of being health conscious attracted huge crowds to this stall. Having green leafy vegetables (cai xin) topped on the fried kway teow noodles enhance the appeal. What’s more, the deep fried mini ikan bilis add crisp to the noodle making it even tastier. Some patrons may find this fried kway teow noodles a little salty due to the ikan bilis. Also, I believe they need to add more salt or dark sauce to substitute lard.

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