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揾到食 Dim Sum

July 8, 2009









Ratings :


Location :

126 Sims Ave


Description :

揾到食 is located in the heart of the Singapore red light district – Geylang. Brilliant food, vast varieties! Excellent place for supper, with air conditioner as a plus point. Constantly craving for their “Za xia juan” (Deep fried prawn in beancurd skin), “Har Kow” (Prawn dumpling), “Ru ya ci” (Braised duck), “Lor mai kai” (Chicken wings on glutinous rice), “Zhao pai tofu” (Beancurd topped with mango salad), “Chee cheong fun” (Char siew / prawns wrapped in rice sheets), etc. I bet they have got the best “Za xia juan” in Singapore. Even the ones I ate in Hongkong cannot be comparable to theirs. The beancurd skin is deep-fried till so crispy that there isn’t any weird beancurd smell. And the prawns wrapped inside is so solid and succulent. Similarly, the prawns in the “Har Kow” is huge and fresh and its skin’s thickness is just nice. Another worth recommending dim sum is the “Lor mai kai”. Their glutinous rice is very spongy and topped with 2 tender mid-wings, makes it a perfect combination! Just a few recommendations. Almost every dim sum tastes as good so you dont have to worry if you ordered the wrong thing.

Operating Hours :

24 hours (Daily)

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