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Idiot proof recipes : Baked potatoes with herbs

July 7, 2009


Ingredients :

6 mini potatoes (halved, wash thoroughly but need not peel the potatoes)
2 tblsp Olive Oil (Refer to photo below)
1 clove chopped garlic (optional)
2 tblesp McCormick Italian herb (Refer to photo below)
2 tsp Masterfood Thyme leaves (Refer to photo below)
1 tsp blackpepper (Refer to photo below)

Oliveoil McCormickherb Masterfoodthymeleaves McCormickblkpepper

Note :

Brand is optional. However, the McCornick Italian Herbs is really good. You can find it in cold storage Novena Square. I’m not sure about other cold storage but NTUC or Giant does not carry this brand.

Procedures :

  1. Preheat oven at 200 degree celsius
  2. Add olive oil on heated frying pan. Fry garlic till fragrant. Add potatoes, McCornick italian herbs, Thyme leaves, and black pepper. Stir fry till potatoes are coated with the oil and herbs. (Make it a quick one)
  3. Trasfer potatoes to oven tin wrapped in aluminium foil. Bake potatoes for 35 mins.
  4. Serve. You can serve baked potatoes with steaks, seafood, chicken/pork chops, etc.
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